How to earn money on Onlyfans as a Cosplayer?

The digital world continues to evolve and constantly transforms our daily lives, especially because new elements appear that are very interesting to enjoy and that technology allows us to use. Adult content platforms are a clear example of a new area that is growing incredibly, as well as new needs and categories that are interesting for the public are being generated within this area. One of the most important movements that have emerged in recent months is Cosplay, a genre that has gone deep within the industry and is adding more and more followers. Today there are many Onlyfans users who are earning money doing this type of production, and this invites other users to enter this universe.

In case you don’t know it, we must mention that Cosplay is a style of photographic or film productions in which one or more people represent an already existing character, which is generally related to fiction or video games. That is to say, that in this activity people dress up in order to perform a representation, using different types of accessories that allow it to be done more effectively.

So great is the success that this theme has had within Onlyfans that even the users who make this type of production receive a name: cosplayers. The truth is that the people who are dedicated to this manage to earn money very quickly, especially since there is a lot of demand from viewers of the social network for these types of photographs. Uploading photos or videos to Onlyfans is not the only way for users to earn money, but there are many alternatives related to the genre. In this article we are going to specify some details about the activity that can help us know how to earn money doing Cosplay.

How to earn money on Onlyfans as a Cosplayer?

How to start cosplaying

Many think that if we are not the best cosplayers we could not earn money, and this is not the case. There are even some users who do this activity as a hobby, and still manage to make some kind of profit. It is not necessary to be a professional or have great skills to be able to earn money doing Cosplay, and that is why on this occasion we are going to talk about the beginnings of these productions for those who have not yet dabbled and are thinking of doing so.

In principle we want to reinforce the idea that it is not necessary to make mega productions to start or be experts in makeup or costumes, but that there are jobs that can be done in a simpler way and without so much cost. What we recommend in this instance is to start looking for Cosplay for beginners that can be found on different social networks and also on Google, which consist of simpler costumes and are productions that anyone can access with a minimum investment cost.

The skills in generating this type of content are acquired over time, and also the costumes and the elements that are needed are obtained as one makes a name for himself within the networks. There are even many who start doing representations of characters that are physically similar to themselves or that at least have similar hair, so they don’t have to wear a wig. We also recommend you to see the best cosplay accounts on OnlyFans so that you can see their contents and get ideas for inspiration.

In summary, the cosplayer community is characterized by sharing all the productions that are made on different platforms, and for this reason it is essential to explore the different social networks and Google to know how to start cosplaying as a beginner.

Marketing strategies to grow as a cosplayer

We have already mentioned some important points to take into account if we want to start in this area, but the reality is that the vast majority of those who incur in generating this type of content want to grow and increase the flow of money that is earned. As an initial strategy, we mentioned starting by making cosplays that are simpler, that do not involve a very large cost and that help us to start making a name for ourselves within the social network of our choice, with Onlyfans as the main platform. Ideally, as we grow we acquire different elements and material that are useful to us to give more quality to the productions, such as more costumes, more characters, more accessories, among other tools.

But not everything is based on the material and on improving the quality of the productions, which is very important, but the promotion of our name and our content within the different platforms is essential. It is that if we make incredible productions of photos and videos with very representative costumes but we do not have people who know us and who are able to pay for that content, we will be losing money rather than making money. That is why it is essential to carry out a dissemination strategy that leads us to be known and to captivate a good number of subscribers who pay the monthly fee for viewing our profile.

Beyond many tips that experts can give, time has marked that the action that gives the most results to promote the Onlyfans profile is the use of other social networks. The vast majority use Instagram and Twitter to carry out this dissemination, but Telegram, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, among others, can also be used. In general, what is done is upload some previews of the content that is going to be published on Onlyfans, in order to generate curiosity and for people who are willing to pay the fee to subscribe.

Another strategy that is widely carried out is to start with a free Onlyfans profile, and as we add subscribers, start charging an affordable rate. When we already have a good flow, we can increase that monthly fee and in this way obtain more and more profits.

Other Cosplay businesses outside of Onlyfans

As we mentioned at the beginning, the generation of adult content and the publication of this content on a social network like Onlyfans are the first source of income for cosplayers. However, it is not the only way that these artists have to earn money, but there are many other variables. Here we will detail some of the most common:

  • Commercialization of elements: When we have already made the investment and we have a good flow of material to carry out productions, we can earn money by renting these accessories or even selling them if we are no longer going to use them. There are many cosplayers on the networks who are looking for costumes to carry out new productions and not bore their fans, and that is why within the community it is very normal for these types of items to be rented or sold. Although each one decides the price they set, in general the rates are not very excessive since there is the general idea of helping those who are just starting out.
  • Entertainment: Exclusive adult content is the main source on which the genre is based, but you can also make productions that are calm and not risqué. For this segment, it is essential not only to have talent to entertain users, but also to have enough charisma so that productions do not become boring. Having a profile dissemination and promotion strategy is also essential.
  • Elaboration of elements: This point is quite similar to the first one that we raised about marketing because the end ends up being the same, but there are many people who do not buy the accessories and costumes but are in charge of creating them themselves. There are elements that can be generated in a “home” way without the need to be purchased in a store, and that is why many people do it. Obviously, after having them finished, we can choose to use them ourselves, sell them or rent them.

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