Writters in OnlyFans: Tipping and earning money

We writers need online visibility and, today, there is nothing that gives us greater visibility than our social networks. However, social networks have their protocols that you must follow if you don’t want to become that writer that everyone silences/blocks/ stops following.

It’s true that they are a great tool and that we need them to be visible. The real problem is that very few of us – sad little writers – know how to use them well. Most of us spend our lives sharing our friends’ articles and the rest of us put our book promotion on a loop. Social networks are more than that. This isn’t the Saturday market. You can’t just walk in here, set up your little stop and start shouting at everyone who walks by.

Social networks need constant work, you have to enter them little by little. They are there for you to promote your contents, but not in a crazy way, but with a well defined strategy, that leads you to a clear objective. They are a great tool to create community and to involve your followers in your books; in your writing process and in promotion.

It is frequent that the most professionalized authors maintain a frenetic activity when they bring out a novelty and then, after some time, they go back down the periscope until they publish something again. This is the only way to achieve a certain concentration. In fact, the time they steal from the networks is one of the reasons most often given by those who withdraw from them, sometimes as suddenly as surprisingly

OnlyFans came to inspire a certain part of your followers who are more devoted to you, but to keep them we recommend the following:

Content strategy

You should never jump into crazy sharing. To move in the networks you need to have a content strategy. Think of this as the jungle, you’ll do better if you move around with a good map. Always keep in mind what you are going to share and what you want to achieve with what you share, because that’s what Onlyfans is for, to create a select group. Don’t publish for the sake of publishing, have a goal and publish content that directs your audience – and you – towards that goal. But for that you have to be clear about who your audience is.

Avoid fights and negativity

We recommend that you go beyond the confrontations on the social networks. Not only is it a useless waste of energy, but you can piss off your followers and lose them. Whenever possible, avoid public fights, try to solve things privately. If you have no choice, don’t feed the troll, come in. Block, silence or report.

I say the same with negativity. If you have a problem and you report it, many people will support you, but always complaining and whining about it is not a good strategy, much less for your “spoiled” Onlyfans public. Do not tire others, do not spend your life blaming the universe for your problems. Don’t take your frustration out on your social networks.


You have to know what your audience wants. You can’t manage your profile in “program and forget” mode. You need to know your audience and their tastes so you know what content to publish in onlyFans. You’ll never know what your audience wants if you publish the same thing. Accounts should be alive, with a variety of content. Publish all those interesting articles, but don’t forget the podcasts, images and videos. It’s all part of a content strategy and each piece will appeal to a part of your audience.

Analyze and measure

As I said before you have to know how to diversify your content, but you also need to know what attracts your target readers, and you can only do that if you are able to understand what they like. You’ll never be able to strategize on content if you don’t know what is and isn’t appealing. You won’t know if your writer’s social networks are working, if you are not able to understand what is working and what is failing. Use the data you extract from these analyses to retouch and adapt your content strategies.

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      October 20, 2022 at 7:19 pm

      Como puedo ser un escritor de Onlyfans?

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