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OnlyFans for Youtubers

The reasons for creating videos can be diverse: to become famous, to earn money, to spread knowledge, or simply to have fun. In general, they tend to be videos focused on teenage interests, which are the ones that visit this type of page the most. The success of the contents lies in the fact that they are ordinary people who show themselves as they are. That’s the phenomenon. They don’t wear makeup, nor do they have a script. They make videos about themselves and thanks to that the audience feels identified.

However, there is a downside to this phenomenon. Like the world of television, the Internet is the same: you can be famous for a while, but when you lose popularity and the audience gets bored with you…you’re in trouble. That’s why users must be constantly changing, reinventing themselves, creating new styles and ways to capture the public’s attention so that they don’t fall into fearful oblivion.

Some tips to avoid being forgotten and continue to stand out, especially in OnlyFans are:

If you don’t do something unique, do it differently

Stand out for something, do things differently from the rest or you’ll go unnoticed. Okay, it’s true that there are already Youtubers talking about almost everything, but if you really want to win Youtube subscribers, save it and start attracting attention for something specific.

Even if you talk about the same thing as other people, do it differently and look for something that can identify you. You can be the loudest, the one who plays with humor or makes rhymes, the one who goes out in disguise, the one who never shows his face but has a voice that imposes.

Curates and publishes daily

Wondering how to get followers on OnlyFans, but you don’t work your channel every day? If you look, you’ll see that almost all OnlyFans influencers are loyal to their daily appointment with their followers. Some of them publish up to two videos in one day. It has been proven that publishing every day is equivalent to winning subscribers.

Your fans will be notified every time you upload a video. Make it a habit for them to visit you every day. You can even let them know what time you usually post, so they can take your “schedule” into account. You’ll find that Onlyfans “pampers” you more, giving you more reach, if you feed them every day. Go at your own pace but try to release a video every day to start having some presence and relevance.

Seeks the best methodology

Firstly, the search for information is vital. A content is not created out of nothing, but is part of something already existing. This does not mean copying, but taking inspiration from what already exists. Do not reinvent the wheel.

From here, we recommend that you develop a script that you will use to record your videos and at the time of the creative phase. Once the ideas have been collected and organized, it’s time to create your own content, to record!

OnlyFans, works through subscriptions and these will have a cost per month, which may vary depending on the account, where users can access this type of material. The cost is usually not high, being about 10 to 15$. This platform of has been an important source of income for youtubers, but not only them, but any artist or common person who is of age and under their criteria can create content through this site and generate capital.

Although Instagram for example allows to mount short videos, photos and other content, if it shows something explicit in them, mainly of sexual nature, it will be downloaded or banned immediately, on the contrary, OnlyFans does not have that problem. Also this platform has been used by many celebrities, who do not necessarily mount photos or videos of sexual nature, but if suggestive content, which would be downloaded immediately by Instagram and now has a huge guarantee for that freedom, it is OnlyFans.

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