How to make money in OnlyFans? 💰 [ HOT TIPS & ADVICES ]

OnlyFans making money hot tips

OnlyFans social media site functions established in a subscription system where content creators make money, mostly, by the income generated from the users who subscribe with the intention to have full access to the content upload by in the private profile. Based on that information, we will provide you information on how to configure your profile and set a subscription price and also how to increase the potential earnings with more methods to generate revenue.

Setting a subscription price: FREE trial at the beginning?

Well, everyone can realize is impossible to generate income with OnlyFans if you have a free subscription access, however, I have seen a lot of people doing this… Why? It’s not so easy to get followers and individuals willing to give you money for pictures and videos, but by giving some kind of ‘free entry’ -just for a few days-, the loyal ones, by enjoying the content and interacting but then loosing this relationship, are more inclined to pay when you set your monthly subscription fee.

You can personalize the free trial option based on the quantity of available days, expiration period, amount of new subscribers and also i fit is available just for new members or everyone.

Discount and promotions for new subscribers?

Everyone loves discounts, so this is another way to get even more subscribers to your profile. By giving a discount which ranges from 5% to 70% of price your monthly subscription fee some people feel more disposed to pay and get access. You can also define if it will reach expired users, the amount of days available and a limit of subscribers.

The discount and free trial are powerful tools for starters and also useful to launch new camping to reach users who were previously subscribed and stopped paying.

Subscription bundles: Is it worth it?

Definitely, you should offer to the potential subscribers a discount for accessing to your OnlyFans content for more than one month. Whoever likes your profile and wants to enjoy the photos and videos created for more than one month in a row deserves a better price. Select between 3, 6 or 12 months and the % of the discount.

OnlyFans Pricing: What’s the best subscription price?

This question is so popular and we see it often. There is no generic ‘best subscription fee‘ for the OnlyFans content creators. Each and everyone has to analyze and test which number works better and generates more conversions, it will depend on the amount of followers you already have in your social media profiles, your popularity and fame, the kind of content you provide and the socioeconomic conditions of the potential follower just for mentioning important points.

How to set a subscription price in OnlyFans

The subscription price for every month can be set from the profile section and it can be free, start from from 4.99 USD up to 49.99 USD being this maximum amount you can charge monthly. As we say before, you should try different options until you find ‘the right one’.

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More ways to make money in OnlyFans:

Apart from the subscription earnings you can try another methods in order to generate a better income with your influence and content, you should check the followings opportunities:

PPV Messages: Get money to be contacted

Imagine the flood of messages you can receive if all your subscribers can contact your for free? Even though everyone deserves to be well treated, you can set a price and the interested subscribers are allowed to pay so the message feature is available. The price range can be selected in a range which goes from 3 USD to 200 USD, set a price, an happily answer in a personal way to every message your receive.

Private message price in OnlyFans

Additionally to the text message can be included media content such as photos, audio and video, for sure is a recommended method to increase your earnings.

How to set a price for private messages?

Go to settings -> Click the ticket icon ($), set your price in the bottom and save.

Take advantage of the tips: Tipping power

Usually, tipping is a way to show appreciation for the work that someones does. Why not to take advantage of this feature? Some people like to ask for tips while others just receive them naturally for the content they create and the interaction they have with the fans.

Content creators in OnlyFans can receive tips on live streams, specific posts or direct messages. Just be genuine if you ask for them, charismatic in general, do always your best and the tips will come…

Wishlist’s – Receive gifts from your subscribers

Every person I know loves gifts and OnlyFans provides a section where you can add a wish-list with your desires. What can be better than receiving the goods you want or need for free? It’s very usual in this social media, for the fans, to buy clothes or accessories to the models and then receive a photo with the object being used as feedback or reward.

Wishlist for models in OnlyFans

How can you add a Want-list to your OnlyFans profile?

Go to profile -> Amazon Wishlist, paste yours and save.

It’s more possible to receive gifts in special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas, ask your fans if they can buy you a gift as a reward to celebrate. Don’t be shy and also don’t forget to thank..

Sell used items:

One more opportunity for earning money in OnlyFans is by selling personal and used items. It will vary depending on the public you have, some models regularly sell used panties and private clothes to generate one more source of income in this social media site.

Exchange your private social media accounts for money:

The title express by itself, some fans could deserve to have access to even a more ‘private’ relationship, selling access to Snapchat Premium or Instagram is extremely popular too.

Advises to retain fans and keep them subscribing every month

  • Generate new content periodically: It’s recommended to have a publish schedule and upload photos or videos respecting it. Subscribers will be waiting and delighted when it arrives.
  • Don’t stop publishing: If you stop creating content, people are not going to see the value in being subscribed and it’s easy for them to unsubscribe and just pay to a different content creator.
  • Make live streams: While broadcasting an Online show you can understand what your fans want from you. It’s an excellent way to know your audience better.
  • Try contests and give some personal thing from you. Maybe once a month try gifting something, it can be a dedicated video or picture, a piece of clothes, an audio message, a free subscription or whatever you think it’s gonna be worth it.
  • Reward fans in your favorite way, It can be directed to the best tipper or the subscriber who comments every new picture with the sweetest message.
  • Interact in a real an authentic style with every individual who joins your profile. If the person subscribed perceives it’s valued and have contact with the content creator is more possible that he/she will be subscribed every month.
  • Similar to the last advice, you should answer to every comment and message received, it’s not well perceived to be ignored.

We hope the previous TIPS on how to keep OnlyFans fans coming to your profile and subscribing every month are useful and valuable.

How to be a OnlyFan TOP Earner?

Even tough it is not easy to generate an average income, or better said, a big and solid revenue in OnlyFans it’s possible. How can you reach that level or improve from where you are now? The important thing is to expand your audience, reaching more people is the base for growing the quantity of subscribers, you can do it promoting your OnlyFans user / profile in different websites related to the kind of content you create. There are specific sites which display models and content creators from OnlyFans, you should check our section ‘Profile Finder‘ and contact us if you are interested in being exhibited.

Another way is to interact and try business relationships with other OnlyFans profiles, uploading content with another person and vice-versa, one and the other person will reach both audiences and if someone is interested can subscribe too.

Is OnlyFans income taxed? Do I have to pay taxes?

If you get a monthly revenue, being high or low, you should get council from an accountant / lawyer and adapt to your local laws.Mostly sure you would have to pay depending on the numbers you get.

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