OnlyFans SIGN UP ✅ [ How to register & create an account ]

How to create an OnlyFans account

Do you want to register and sign up in Only Fans? A social media site with a subscription based system were you can earn money. Being extremely popular this days, here, we have a full tutorial with a a full guide on how to create a new account in and then how to get verified your identity.

How to sign up in OnlyFans

How to SIGN UP for OnlyFans? – Process to register as creator:

First of all you have to access to the official website ( start by clicking the button below:

Once the browser loaded the webpage you have the following different ways to set up a new Only Fans account and create a profile.

  • Sign up with a Twitter account.
  • Sign up with a Google account (Gmail).
  • Sign up by using Hello Login from Microsoft.
  • Register by completing the information required in the form.

1- In case you choose the first one, just by fulfilling with your Twitter user / e-mail and password, and then accepting the access you will be able to log in in OnlyFans.

2- If you click this option to use Google to create a Only Fans account it’s necessary to log in Gmail with your e-mail account or mobile and password and then accept the terms and conditions.

3- By using Windows Hello you will link your Microsoft login related to your device to OnlyFans.

4- If you want to register a new account in Only Fans you have to complete the fields with e-mail, password and name, then agree the terms and conditions and finally click in the ‘Sign Up’ button. We are going to be signed in and see the following image explaining that we need to verify your e-mail.

How to verify your e-mail?

As an additional solution to ensure the security of this social media platform for adults it’s mandatory to verify your electronic mail in a simple way.

How to verify your OnlyFans e-mail while registering

You have to enter to your inbox, check the recently received e-mail from and click in the link. If you don’t received check in the main section inspect the SPAM folder or just wait a couple of minutes. If everything is correct, you should receive another e-mail confirming that you have verified you electronic mail.

Only Fans content creators – How to verify your identity in

If you are a model and plan to make a flow of income in this platform first of all, before you create your new account, you need to verify your personal information and identity. Follow this instructions and learn how to do it follow one of this paths:

  • Go to: Profile -> Subscription price -> ‘Add a bank account or payment information’
  • The button in the right top corner -> ‘Add bank’
  • Enter to this URL:

How to configure and set up payment methods in OnlyFans

You will have to confirm your country of legal residence by selecting it from the list and tick to confirm that you have more than 18 years old, finally click in the ‘Next’ button.

Personal information required while registering an Only Fans account.

Complete the correspondent fields: First name, last name, address, city, postal / ZIP code, Instagram and Twitter (optional) and date of birth.

ID verification:

ID Verification step required in OnlyFans

Your document has to be issued from your country authorities, select between passport / ID Card. You will need to upload two photos:

  • One: From the current ID.
  • Second: A selfie with the ID, both have to be visible.

Add the expiration date and answer the question about the kind of content that will be upload, lastly click in the button ‘Send for approval’. You will receive an e-mail with the subject ‘Your account is pending approval‘ and in less than 72 hours (3 days) a response, luckily and if everything is alright, the subject will be ‘Your account has been approved‘ and you would be able to add a bank account and set a subscription price.

When the account in OnlyFans is verified you will have full access to all the options in the platform, add a price for your monthly subscription and a method to receive the payments for the income generated.

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How to log in in Only Fans?

If you logout or try to enter from another browser or device you will have to log in your account again. You have to enter again to the official website and then complete the field with your e-mail and password previously registered and click in the ‘Login’ button.

I can’t log in: Wrong email or password entered

Both fields have to be fulfilled with the right information, even if you write wrongly or missed one character one we are not going to have access, it has to be equal to the information we add when we registered. In case you forgot your password you can use the recover process in the home section of

This email is already registered with OnlyFans:

If you read this message while trying to sign up a new account in Only Fans you or someone used your electronic mail to register. If you have access to your e-mail, you have the possibility to restore your password and regain the password to log in.

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    July 1, 2022 at 12:19 pm

    I cannot get the wording on my I’d in focus as well as having my face fully in the selfie they request for verification can anyone help

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