Types of OnlyFans accounts

We keep talking about adult content platforms, how relevant they have become in recent times and that is why more and more alternatives continue to emerge for users. However, the leading platform in the market continues to be the one that started the category as a pillar since its birth in 2016. Although it had started with another approach, over time it did not take long to cover only adult or erotic content, something that generated a lot of commotion and that made more and more artists join the page.

The pandemic that broke out at the beginning of 2020 made this phenomenon grow stronger, since it began to be verified that millions of people around the world are willing to pay a certain monetary value to be able to enjoy the content that artists have. the ability to climb onto the platform. It is that social networks such as Instagram or Facebook have the particularity of restricting certain types of publications, and this meant that there were no means through which the image could be marketed to thus make the business much more profitable for the artist.

Onlyfans adopted this method and made it popular all over the world. The artists are only in charge of creating their content and publishing it on the profile, while the end users subscribe to the profiles they want to view, but for this they have to make a monthly payment. The values are set by the protagonists themselves, although it should be mentioned that they have a stipulated minimum and maximum.

Many people wonder what kind of accounts exist on Onlyfans, and in this sense we can make several differentiations. The largest is between the model account (in charge of creating content and uploading it) and the viewer user accounts (who subscribe to the profiles and pay the monthly fee). User accounts are not complex, but we can differentiate between the different types of artist accounts that can be created, and that is what we are going to do next.

Free accounts

Beyond the fact that we anticipate that in order to view certain profiles you have to pay a monthly subscription, within the platform there are also a large number of model accounts that are free. This means that they simply upload their content and viewing users can view it without paying a single dollar. This requires some analysis because if the main idea of having a profile in this type of tools is to earn money, what would be the advantage of having a free account?

The answer to the previous question is not easy to develop, but we can start by stating that it is not so easy for a user to subscribe to our profile and start paying the monthly fee, unless we are a well-known figure in the media and do not need dissemination. . Many profiles use their free account in order to achieve diffusion in the first instance, become known and then start charging for the material that is published. This is a really recommended strategy, and this is what is mentioned by experts who have been using the tool for a long time. Even today almost 90% of Onlyfans profiles are free, and many are waiting for the right time to start charging.

The dynamics that these types of accounts adopt is very strategic, since they recommend starting by publishing a lot of quality material as soon as we generate the subscription. The idea is to make it as professional as possible to give the profile greater entity, this translates, for example, into wearing different clothes, having a very good image or video quality, using good backgrounds, among other issues.

Once we have a good amount of published material, we have to start trying to attract the user even more. It is highly recommended not to go directly to the explicit or sexual, but to gradually increase the “temperature” of the publications. Many use three types of publications: the first in which the person is fully dressed, others in which the lingerie begins to be shown, and the third in which the erotic content that the majority of viewer users does explicitly show. expect to find. In this way we are generating a certain degree of uncertainty that can encourage these people to subscribe and then pay.

If this strategy works, in a short time we will have a good number of followers, and at that moment we can start to set a fee for our profile. The most practical thing is in that instance to generate a new Onlyfans account but in this case it pays, and link it to the free one that we already have. This is something simple since we can go to Settings, Link with other Onlyfans, and the accounts will automatically start to be merged. In the new one, logically, we must capture the rates and start with a different strategy.

Accounts paid

The other type of accounts that can be generated are the paid ones, which are the ones that provide revenue to the user in the short term and do not focus so much on the dissemination of the name or the consolidation of the public. They are those in which to access the profile and the publications, the viewer has to subscribe and this implies paying a monthly subscription for each account. The rates are determined by the owner of the account and content creator, although it must be clarified that they have a stipulated minimum amount (5 dollars) and a maximum amount (50 dollars). While each artist prices her profile, the company retains 20% of those profits for software upgrade and maintenance costs.

To get people to subscribe to our profile and thus start earning money, there are some tips that we can follow. The one that stands out the most among the experts is the use of description very well. In other words, if the person who enters does not know what type of content we upload or if it is in accordance with her interests, it is very unlikely that he will start paying. That is why the description has to be very well detailed what we do, trying to attract as many people as possible without being generic (it is important to cover at least some item that a viewer user can look for).

Another issue that can be very helpful is to promote our name on the profiles of other social networks, such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. You can also ask for help among the people who already follow you so that they share the profile, or offer some benefit for people who access the referral link (such as a free month of subscription).

There are many people who also offer promotions, such as a bonus for those who subscribe for many months in a row, and this means that income never stops since subscribers are not lost from one month to the next. The strategy that is most discussed in terms of fees is to start with a relatively low price (between 5 and 10 dollars per subscriber) and then increase it as we consolidate within the platform and further refine our publications. .

There are many of the actions that we mentioned that can be carried out directly from the Settings section of the tool, and others that are simply carried out but perhaps have the same or more repercussions.

PPV accounts

At this point we are going to talk about a kind of “grey” that exists between paid accounts and free accounts, which are really the only two categories that exist. It is that beyond the fact that it has to be one or the other, there is the chance that certain users with a free or paid account can sell content separately, that is, outside the profile. These types of commercializations are defined as PPV, and the name comes from Pay-per-view, which means “pay to see”.

The dynamic is very easy to understand: some content creators can upload posts (either photos, videos, or combinations of both), and set a single payment price specifically for these posts. In other words, in this case the viewer or fan would not be paying the monthly subscription to access the full profile, but a single payment to access only one publication. For example, there are users who generate a publication of 15 photos and a 20-second video, and they price this package at $10.

This often generates controversy and discontent among users, because if the fan is already paying a monthly fee for the profile, it is not pleasant for them to have to pay a differential for accessing certain types of publications. This is why you have to be careful and not abuse this resource, because it could work against us if our subscribers drop.

For what is much more feasible to use this type of publication is for those professional sessions that we have recorded, in which the difference with the rest of the content is very noticeable. There are some users who co-create content with other celebrities or well-known figures, and these may also be special occasions where we may charge a one-time fee per post.

What we recommend in any case is that if we initially generate a free profile, we test this PPV option with our best publications, and in this way analyze if it is really worth carrying out this type of experiment or if it is better to directly charge it. to our profile.

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