What is OnlyFans and how to earn money on the platform

Adult content platforms have had exponential growth in recent years, and everything has accelerated since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, in March 2020. It is that an area had been opened before, driven by those artists who started to charge subscriptions for the content they uploaded, as well as for those consumers who are willing to pay to access this type of publication. On social networks such as Instagram or Facebook, erotic or risqué content was often censored, so alternatives began to emerge in which you can not only create but also share this content without any type of restrictions.

Within this framework, Onlyfans was created in 2016, initially designed so that influencers can upload their videos talking about different topics, but later it was redefined and began to be covered specifically for adult content. This caused a furore and the platform became a pillar within the field, being at that time one of the few tools of this type.

Today it is still the leading company in the market, but you can find many alternatives and each one has different characteristics. The industry is redefining itself and finding new niches that are interesting to cover, such as the example of FeetFinder, which is only dedicated to foot products. The truth is that today Onlyfans has millions of subscribers and the numbers continue to increase at an incredible speed, which makes it seem like it has no ceiling. However, there are many people who still do not dare to subscribe or have doubts about the platform, and that is why in this article we are going to leave the characteristics in detail so that they know what it is about.

How does Onlyfans work?

It is a platform in which there are two types of users, or two different roles: the artist or model user, and the spectator or fan user. The dynamic is very simple: the model is the one that has the possibility to upload the corresponding content, and the fanatical users who want to have access to that content have to pay a monthly subscription. The value of this monthly subscription is previously determined by the artist, although it must be clarified that there is a minimum amount and a maximum amount for the subscription (the minimum is 5 dollars and the maximum is 50).

The publications that can be uploaded to the profile are basically videos or photos, but the platform also offers other alternatives to earn even more money. It is that, for example, you can create personalized content for fans and send it privately (agreeing with the user on a prior fee). In addition, you can earn money from tips, referral programs, private messages, among other options.

In order to subscribe to the profile of a celebrity or model, we have to have an account created within the page, which is totally free and can be done easily. There are many users who do not use their real information and for example put a fake name and photo, and nowadays it is not something that the creators worry about.

Once we have that subscription created, the personalities or profiles that may interest us simply appear at the beginning, and it all depends on the platform’s algorithm since it does not have a search engine function to be able to find people by name, city or some other alternative. If we find someone that interests us, we can simply enter and have the details of how much that person charges for the subscription. To join the process is very simple, since we simply enter the payment information and when we are charged we already have the content of that profile available to view.

For its part, to create a model-type account, the process is a little longer because we have to send some type of content in addition to uploading our personal data, and this entails a verification by the platform, with a possible subsequent approval that It leaves us fit to upload what we want. The company keeps 20% of the subscriptions we receive from users, in order to maintain and improve the website. That is to say, that the total percentage of earnings of the artists is 80%.

How much money can I earn with Onlyfans?

It is more than clear that with Onlyfans you can earn money because the facts show it. Even very influential personalities have managed to increase their wealth thanks to the tool, and among these we can mention Bella Thorne, Sonja Morgan, Belle Delphine, Bhad Bhabie, Mia Khalifa, among many others. But many people are really wondering how much money can be made from Onlyfans. The answer to this question is very difficult because it depends a lot on the number of subscriptions we have and the rates that have been previously stipulated.

To try to define an estimate of how much profit can be obtained, we have to start with the range of fees that can be defined, and this is very clear within the Onlyfans policies. The minimum amount for each subscription is 5 dollars, while the maximum is stipulated at 50 dollars. Within this range, the artist can define the amount that she wants, and even modify it as the days go by.

In turn, additional earnings can be obtained for different functions that the platform has available, such as tips, referral programs, personalized content that is sent privately to fans, or predetermined messages. These variables are much more difficult to calculate since it depends on how much each user uses them, but we know that it can be an extra profit.

Taking all this into account, we can say that a user who does not dedicate full time to the page but has a relatively low number of subscribers can earn between 300 and 500 dollars per month. On the other hand, those who dedicate all their time to the platform can earn up to double or triple the values that we mentioned above, also including the additional earnings that can be obtained from other types of content. The artists with the most Onlyfans subscribers earn close to $100,000 per month, a truly incredible number that very few people can even come close to.

How to set up my Onlyfans account

If we want to start uploading the content that we have generated, it is essential to have our account well configured. To fulfill this task, you must follow some simple steps, which we will describe below:

  • The first step is to register on the platform, a point that is very simple since we can start with Twitter and the page will directly take all our data, or complete the corresponding form with personal data, username and password.
  • Then we have to verify the identity, a very simple step as well. Once we complete all the information or select the option to register with Twitter, we will be sent an email with a link to confirm that we really are the person we describe in the data.
  • Once our identity is verified we must configure the bank details. We do this by clicking on the Add bank or payment information option, selecting Add bank and entering all the information requested (routing number, account number, etc.).
  • The last thing we have left after configuring our bank details is to confirm the identity again. This consists of sending two photographs: one of the identity document (or driver’s license) and another of ourselves holding that same card. Both images must be clear and it must be clearly seen that it is us, since otherwise the verification cannot be carried out correctly. Then we have to answer some questions, such as what type of content we are going to upload, what type of audience we are targeting, among others. When we have finished this questionnaire our account will be fully configured and we will be ready to start uploading what we want.

How to promote my Onlyfans account

Once we have our subscription created, we only have to start generating the content to upload to our profile and start attracting customers. However, we can also complement these actions with others that help us spread our name even faster. An action that many users carry out is to promote their Onlyfans account on other social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok. This can be done in various ways, and there are people who even post the link to their Onlyfans profile in Instagram Stories. However, the most common is to add the link to the bio, so that people who follow us can enter quickly. It must be taken into account that the tool does not have a search engine function, so these actions are extremely important because if we do not do it, it is very difficult for other people to find us directly on the page.

There are artists who also have their own website or participate in one, and this can also be a good way to spread the profile. The people who participate in a blog or who give a note take the opportunity to leave their link and in this way perhaps gain some other subscriber who is interested in viewing the content. In general, they are used to promote a discount, special content that you want to publish or any issue that may attract the attention of fans.

The relationship between Onlyfans and these other media can be bidirectional because it is also very useful to post links to the profiles of other social networks on our Onlyfans profile. Adding followers on these sites can help us massify our audience and thus feed more and more subscribers to adult content. Referral programs can also be very important, so if we have acquaintances who can promote us and help spread our profile, things would be even easier for us.

Another very interesting alternative is to first generate a free account in which you begin to upload a preview of all the paid content that viewers could access, in order to attract attention and see if that way we can get it to be noticed. subscribe to the profile

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