How to define packages and prices for Onlyfans

Onlyfans is the biggest adult content platform of all, and it continues to grow at incredible levels and speeds. As we know if we ever enter or hear about this platform, it has two types of users: the «spectator» user who is the one who pays to view the profiles they choose, and the content creator user who is the one who uploads posts and receives money for subscriptions to your profile. Although the numbers of both types of users continue to grow uninterruptedly, the large number of people who create their accounts in order to monetize content and receive revenue for publications is striking.

It is clear that the main objective if we join as creators is to earn money, and the truth is that not everyone can obtain the revenues they want. If we want to be successful, we must take into account two great edges: on the one hand, create quality content that attracts users, and on the other, develop strategies that allow us to attract them and thus have more chances of obtaining subscribers. Regarding the strategies, there are some big dilemmas that usually arise, such as whether it is better to have few subscribers at high prices, or to have many at lower prices. The truth is that everything depends on the expectations or objectives that one has. To help us, we can use the Onlyfans price calculator that can guide us through this difficult process.

In addition to all these details that we mentioned, we must emphasize that the important thing is to have a balance between the flow of money that we want to obtain and what we think that users would be willing to pay, since many times these two variables are in conflict. Therefore, in this article we are going to break down some important points to take into account when deciding what price to put on my Onlyfans profile.

How to know what price I put on my Onlyfans profile

How much money do I want to earn?

In any project that one faces in life, it is essential to start from an objective that one wants to reach, or at least an idea or approximation of it. The same thing happens with Onlyfans, since from this base must start not only the definition of the amounts that we are going to put, but also other definitions such as how much money we are willing to invest to end up getting that profit in the future.

If we take it as a job and stipulate the approximate amount of money we want to earn per month, we will be much clearer about how much we will have to invest not only in the money for the productions, but also in the time that they will take us and not we will be taking advantage of something else. As a basic, what we earn has to reach us to cover these costs. It must be taken into account that some users are millionaires with Onlyfans and others simply have it as an extra income, but it all depends on the effort we put into it.

How much money am I going to invest for my Onlyfans profile?

This is a point that some people do not take into account, and that is that to generate quality content you also have to have the necessary equipment, and this implies spending money. If we know how much we want to earn, we will be clearer about what type of investment we have to make, since high-quality productions are the ones that have the best chance of obtaining subscribers (and also setting higher rates). What we have to take into account is, for example, the cameras and microphones that we are going to use, as well as the accessories that we will use, such as lingerie or costumes that we use in the productions (if we want to do several sessions per week we have to count with varieties of costumes).

How many subscribers can I get?

If we already know approximately how much money we are going to invest in the productions and also how much we want to earn, what remains for us to define is the estimated number of subscribers we have to get to get that amount. Something important to keep in mind is that 20% of what is collected from subscriptions is for Onlyfans, so we must add that percentage to what we need. The dilemma at this point is: Get more subscribers at a lower price or get fewer subscribers at a higher price? The truth is that there is no answer to this because any of the two variables can make them reach the goal.

Although it is very difficult to know how many people will be willing to pay to see our profile, there are some issues that we can analyze to obtain an estimate. In principle, the Onlyfans price calculator can be of great help, and something that can also guide us is the number of followers we have on different social networks (or the comments we get on our posts). Many estimate that 5% of followers on Instagram are willing to subscribe to Onlyfans profiles.

Strategies to earn more money with Onlyfans

The triggers that we presented above can help us set a rate, but then there are many actions that we can take to maximize these gains and gradually increase them. Most of the successful Onlyfans started out making much less money than they do today, so we shouldn’t worry about not getting the expected revenues in the first few months. Here we are going to present some strategies that can be carried out to earn more money.

Get started with free subscription

This is a strategy that many users use, and it is to start with a free subscription and then add a fee over time. The objective is to get many subscribers in this first stage, and captivate them with incredible productions that convince them that it is worth investing in our profile. In other words, during this first period of free subscription we have to make every effort so that users verify that our content and profile in general is interesting.

In this way we can obtain considerable popularity in a very short time, since free always attracts users. In addition, we must mention that having a free subscription does not mean that during this time we will not earn money because Onlyfans offers us other content monetization options: we can charge for private messages, for exclusive content, receive tips, among other things.

The main idea is to start this way and once we have a good number of subscribers, set a rate with a relatively low price. In this way we can get many users to decide to start paying for the subscription.

Put a lower rate and get more subscribers

Although we have advanced something in the first section, this can be a valid strategy that is used by a large number of users. There are a few who decide to set a fairly high price and with a small number of subscribers they can obtain revenue, but the truth is that they are the least and if we do this we risk not getting the necessary amount to cover the costs. The most common is to start with a low price, and in this way obtain a good number of followers.

It should be noted that this strategy of getting more users in turn demands more effort, since despite the fact that cheapness also attracts the public, it is important to promote yourself to be known and obtain the amount that is needed. If we don’t, we run the risk of being left with few subscribers and low prices on top of that. For the promotion, the use of other social networks such as Instagram, Twitter or TikTok is essential. In this way we can make a name for ourselves within the industry and there we can think about increasing the rate in the future.

It should also be mentioned that during this period when the subscription may be cheap, we can earn revenue through other elements such as tips, exclusive content and private messages. In addition to using the Onlyfans price calculator, we can calculate that, for example, if we charge USD 10 to subscribe to the profile, we must obtain 30 users who are willing to pay them to obtain a profit of USD 300 per month.

¿How to generate attractive content on Onlyfans?

In addition to establishing a good pricing strategy, it is essential to justify the amount of that fee with good recurring content that keeps users willing to pay that monthly fee. It is that there are many users who upload content for free, and many times the viewers prefer that. That is why we have to convince them that it is really worth investing in our profile so that their expectations are met, and there are several ways to do it.

It is clear that the vast majority of viewers are attracted to what is explicit, but if we are not into making this type of production we can get as close as possible. There are also other elements to attract subscribers, such as playing with the costumes or the themes of the productions: there are many that generate productions with three types of photos: with lingerie, with casual clothes and practically without clothes (or completely naked ). Variety is very important so that users do not get bored.

Another very important element is the videos, which generally attract more attention than photos despite not being used as much. These can be charged separately or be marketed as exclusive content, something that also attracts a lot of attention.

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