Became a fitness creator in OnlyFans

In a world that worships the perfect body and the perfect life, showing realism is key. People look for people they can connect with. Real people with their own identity and who convey reality.

One of the best tactics you can use is to open up to your social media audience in a fun and realistic way with OnlyFans. A way that connects you to them. Show that kind of information to let your customers know that you are a real person, flesh and blood like everyone else.

It doesn’t matter if you are a recent graduate in Sports Science, if you have just opened your new gym, if you are a personal trainer or if you are a sports physiotherapist. Attracting clients for the fitness industry should always be one of your main goal.

Maybe you think that training your clients well is enough to attract new ones. And you may succeed in doing that too, but what if in addition to doing your job well you also try to get new potential customers through other channels?

There are hundreds of ways in which you can make your way in the sports sector, especially in today’s digital world. When it comes to exercise-related plans, there are many interesting and attractive campaigns you could run.

Quality content

When you want to capture customers for the fitness industry and stand out from your competition the value of trust is key. It is important to build trust. Connecting with your audience through OnlyFans is one of the best options at the moment.

If you are a nutritionist, offer a couple of healthy recipes. If you are a personal trainer, one option could be a week long workout table that you will only share through this social network. Or if you run a gym you can offer a discount bonus to those who subscribe to your profile. Either option is fine as long as it interests the users.

Use as many videos as you can

To attract clients for the fitness industry the video format is perfect.

Also note that emails that include video have 96% higher click through rates than those that do not include this content. The industry in which you move allows you to do infinite actions through video. Take advantage of them. The key is to be consistent and use the video to add value for the audience. However, the production of the video has to be of quality. Be sure to use this tool to give live testimonials and share your life to build trust with customers.

Customized classes and events

Although social media is the perfect channel to achieve visibility, never forget about offline connections. The way you can get to connect with someone face-to-face. Your digital strategy may be perfect, but if you don’t give it that human touch, you’re unlikely to attract customers to the fitness industry. Use your most dedicated audience of onlyfans to give you that benefit.

Show off at local events. Attend the events that you feel are appropriate to give you visibility. Or you can even organize them yourself. It can be a free monitored gym session, a healthy breakfast or even a masterclass of something specific. At the end of the event offer attendees to sign up for your classes and follow your profile in onlyFans. It is a way for people to have a closer contact with you. This is where you will give the push to potential clients to finally decide to hire your services.

Send “valuable” content on a regular basis.

One of the advantages of your industry is the ease of content creation. Fitness and health gives a lot of play to create any kind of visual content that brings value to your audience.

You can add value by publishing exercises, advice, training routines for different times of the year (Christmas, summer, bikini operation, travel, etc…). The important thing is that you share this type of content on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly,…)

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