OnlyFans vs Modelhub: Which is better? Advantages and disadvantages

With the acceleration of the digitization processes that occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic since March 2020, there are many types of web pages or applications that have boomed and continue to grow despite the passage of time. One of the areas that benefited the most and that is growing more and more is that of adult subscription-based platforms, whose segment offers more and more alternatives to users and allows them to enjoy the content uploaded by their favorite artists or producers.

If we talk about these platforms, we undoubtedly have to mention Onlyfans, which is the leader in the field and its numbers have not stopped growing for at least a couple of years. In principle, it began only covering adult content and today it is not only based on that, but on any multimedia content that can be interpreted, such as singing videos, dance videos, among others.

However, there are many alternatives that are emerging and give artists the ability to upload content outside of Onlyfans, and also users the chance to follow those people they admire or want to view a certain issue. These are basically websites or apps where people pay adult performers to view their content.

One of the most important of all is ModelHub, which emerges as one of the main Onlyfans competitions and is positioned in the top 5 of the category in reference to the number of subscriptions. That is why today we are going to dedicate a post specifically for this tool, and we are going to make a comparison with the aforementioned Onlyfans so that users can evaluate which one would be best for them in each case.

What is ModelHub?

This is a section within the famous Pornhub page, in which adult artists can upload the videos they want and fans must pay a monthly subscription to access them. This is a site that was already designed specifically for adult videos, and while most of it can be played for free, adding this section can also encompass paid content.

Users can subscribe to artist pages individually. It must be clarified that it is the artists who define what rate to apply in each case, and there are different variables to take into account to finish defining the costs (for example, the page retains a small percentage from the artists to finance future investments).

Those artists who want to start being models within the platform have to go through a registration process, which is much more complex than that of users who only want to consume the content, since, for example, they have to send photos of their identifications and of your financial details, and then the platform has to do the corresponding verification.

What are the differences between Onlyfans and ModelHub?

Something that many users wonder is if ModelHub is really a good option if we want to see adult content, or if it is even better to go for the safe Onlyfans option, which we already know is fully consolidated and has very good reviews. In order to determine the answer to this question, many variables must be analyzed, and it is logical that not everyone has the same expectations regarding a platform of this style. That is why in this section we want to address each point and evaluate it to end with a final conclusion on whether it is better to use Onlyfans or Modelhub.


At this point we have to differentiate what are the payments made by ordinary users to be able to see the content of the favorite artists, from those made by the platform towards the artists who upload the videos. Since on both platforms the prices are determined by the person who is uploading and there is no reference to take into account, we are going to focus on the second variable mentioned, that is, how much Onlyfans pays the artists and the same with ModelHub.

In principle, it should be noted that Onlyfans has a fixed percentage of earnings for artists, while in ModelHub the percentages depend on the type of content being uploaded. Onlyfans offers 80% earnings for all the videos uploaded by the models, that is, they keep 20% of what each user pays to watch videos. ModelHub, on the other hand, offers to earn 80% of the tips and in many of the sections as well, but there are some in which the percentage drops: for example, in personalized videos it is 65%. In other words, at this point, Onlyfans may have a slight advantage over the other alternative mentioned.

Support for models

This variable is one in which ModelHub can offer many more benefits than Onlyfans, and this is perhaps because it is not such a big company and the volume of models they manage can be covered in a more simple way. It is that it is one of the points that users criticize the most about Onlyfans, and it is specifically that they take a long time to answer when there is a complaint or claim, or many times there is not even an answer.

ModelHub, on the other hand, offers several channels so that artists can make their discharge regarding a certain issue on the platform. The most widely used is email, and experts who subscribe to the app mention that responses are usually given promptly. Logically, not all requests are granted, but the staff running ModelHub at least analyze all situations. In addition, an advantage of this support is that the models have the possibility of choosing certain countries or states in which they want to restrict their content, a need that is increasingly common, as well as protecting it so that it is not used improperly. improper in some other portal. In terms of security and support, ModelHub undoubtedly offers a plus over Onlyfans.

Finder function

One of the strongest criticisms made of Onlyfans is that it lacks a search engine to be able to find the artists that interest us the most. This is 100% real since there is no way to find someone in this way within their website, but we simply depend on the algorithm that shows us the artists that may interest us according to our income.

In ModelHub this is very different since it has a search engine function, so once we start to have followers they can recommend us and the people who receive that recommendation can find us very easily (searching for the profile). It also has the advantage of having partners in the PornHub network, so if we give permission, our content could also be broadcast on this platform and thus get even more followers.

It should also be mentioned that if we want to be found we will have more possibilities in ModelHub since Onlyfans has more and more users who are registering and uploading content, so the competition is more and more and this makes it more difficult to reach to find “clients”.

Therefore, the function of having a search engine makes navigability within ModelHub more efficient than in Onlyfans.

References to other artists

This is another point where ModelHub comes out on top, as their referral program is a good alternative to earn even more than we earn from our content. What do we mean? Because if we get other artists to enter and generate a subscription we can obtain a good percentage of profit.

On Onlyfans, on the other hand, the profit percentage is 5% when referring to another artist, studio or producer, but the profits for this incorporation only last 12 months. After this period we will stop making money, so we will have to worry about making other referrals. It should also be mentioned that this program has limits, unlike the other platform that does not have any limits of this type.


We don’t think it’s correct to say that ModelHub is a better option than Onlyfans, simply because although they work in the same field, we’re talking about platforms of a different nature. However, we can say that in several points ModelHub can provide a better service, and if what we are looking for is to prioritize the service and the security of the platform, we can keep this option.

For this reason, the recommendation may be to start with ModelHub to get fans faster due to the dissemination options it has, and once we are a “consolidated” figure we can try Onlyfans to see how we do on a platform where the Competition is undoubtedly greater.

Likewise, it must be clarified that there are other options and these two are not the only alternatives that we have available in terms of platforms for adult content. In other posts we will be analyzing the other variables that can be found in the market.

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