How to start after creating an Only Fans account 🔥

Once you have registered your own account in OnlyFans there are a couple of basic and recommended steps to follow, we are gonna provide them step by step. It’s a how to start step-by-step guide you definitely should have in consideration.

Upload a profile and cover photo:

How to upload a profile and cover photo in OnlyFans

Following the required condition -is not allowed to upload an explicit picture with nudity in this section- you should upload two photos that are going to be your presentation images when someone access to your profile. This two photographs should express what kind of content are the subscribers going to see, take in consideration that they cause a first impression to the audience, choose them wisely.

Choose your username and display name:

The OnlyFans username is gonna be useful for the potential fans to find your profile in the search box or other social media reference sites. It’s recommended to have an easy to remember username and, if it is possible, artistic and expressing symbolism related to the content you will be uploading. If you want to take care of your privacy we recommend not to use your personal name as the ‘Display name’, just be authentic and creative with this choice.

Complete your bio with a description of yourself:

Potential fans want to know information about the person they are interested in following. Complete the section ‘About me’ with personal data. A synopsis with the content you will be uploading, a welcome phrase or a catchy slogan that creates attention and curiosity are some ideas.

Set your location:

It is not necessary to be exact and in detail, with your country ought to be enough. The followers want to know where are the content creators from and it is also recommended to be known while being promoted, people regularly look for specific characteristics that nationality can provide.

Add a welcome message for new subscribers:

Why to set a automatic welcome message in OnlyFans to new subscribers?

I would say this is especially important, being received with a welcoming message showing esteem is valued for the person behind. From profile -> chats you will be able to add a text comment that will be send automatically to every new fan recently subscribed, you can attach an audio message, a short video or a dedicated picture.

Set a subscription price for a monthly membership:

Analyze if it is recommended to start with a free subscription, at least to make a base of subscribers and fans, or with a monthly fee. Check this complete article with tips and advises on how to make money in OnlyFans to decide what you consider to be better.

Promote your profile with us

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Want to know the TOP users & accounts?

Select a category, location or price range and start navigating trough the profiles.

Promote in your other social media accounts:

Propose the actual base of friends and followers from social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or TikTok (some examples there are lot more) to start following you in OnlyFans. If you don’t want to be so direct just mention with a screenshot, a photo or a link that makes reference to this new social media profile, curiosity is captivating and you will probably receive some messages with tricky questions.

Generate your first content:

When the profile is completely personalized it’s time to upload the first picture or video. This is going to be the first of many, remember to upload content regularly and understanding your audience needs and demands to keep them happy too. Remember to follow the tips on how to retain and keep them subscribing mentioned in the link posted two paragraphs above.

Take security measures important:

Protect your new account to avoid potential problems in a future, there is a two step verification available to add one more layer than the password to access. Regarding the privacy you can block a specific country if you don’t want to be public for them, also don’t forget to add a watermark to take care of the upload content.

Do you think there should be necessary to add more steps after registering in OnlyFans? Let us know in the comments.


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